4 important points before installation of Wallpaper

The Most Important pre-requisite while choosing a wallpaper is to access the condition of your wall. Below are the following points need to be taken care before wallpaper installation.

Wallpaper installation is easy, quick & completed in couple of hours, if your wall qualifies the criteria.

1) Wall must be smooth without any undulation or minimum undulation so that Wallpaper will be installed easily & catches it looks.

Below is the image for reference.

undulation on Walls

2) Wall should be free from air cracks - if we install wallpaper on air cracks walls then there are higher chances of wallpaper getting separated.

Below is the image for reference.

Air crack on Wall

3) Wall must be firm & strong without weak spots.

Below is the image for reference.

Weak Walls

4) If the wall is new, ensure you apply white primer on wall - With Primer, New walls will absorb the adhesive used to install wallpaper & wallpaper will not separate from the wall, Primer helps to hold wallpaper from long time.

Below is the image for reference.

primer for wall

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